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PowerBear Battery Case for my LG G5

I'm old enough to remember a time when my phone battery would last the entire day. Seriously! I'd charge it while I slept, wake up with 100% and go to sleep without having to charge it once. That, sadly, is no longer the case.

I always said I'd sacrifice phone size for battery life. Manufacturers are focused on making phones thinner and lighter when I'd gladly double (or triple!) the thickness for a better battery. I've probably said this a dozen times in 2018 and my wife must have taken a note, because for Christmas she got me a PowerBear for my LG G5 phone.


It's essentially a battery case. Yes, it's pretty heavy, and yes, it's at least tripled the thickness of my phone, but I just love it. With this case I never have to worry about my battery dying, and charging the case is effortless because it charges along with the phone when you plug it in.. Yesterday, for example, I rode my bike for two hours while running three battery-chewing apps (MapMyRide, Stitcher and Google Maps) and thanks to PowerBear I arrived home with a full battery.

This isn't a paid endorsement, and my wife paid for the gift, I just like to share when I have a piece of tech that truly improves my daily life. This case is right up there with the best headphones I've ever owned.

I'm still wearing those headphones daily, too...

Update: Got a tweet asking about the price. My wife got mine for $20 on Kijiji but I see on Amazon that my LG G5 model retails for $50 CAD.

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