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The LG G2 Android Smartphone Extended Testdrive


I shared my early thoughts on the LG G2 Android smartphone but since then I've been using it exlusively.  I literally set my Samsung Galaxy S Infuse 4G to forward all calls to the LG G2 Telus lent me and I've only been carrying the LG all month.  My apologies for anyone who's been text messaging me these last few weeks, I haven't figured out how to forward those.

The biggest change has been the battery life.  I can go two days without a charge, and that's with pretty heavy usage.  I'll stream the radio and Songza, track my bike rides via GPS, check Gmail, Twitter and Facebook frequently and will always be surprised I've only used 55% of the battery at the end of the day.

I also love the size and speed. It's got a bigger screen and it's a great deal faster.  Of course, this isn't a fair fight... Samsung recently released their Galaxy S4 making my model three whole generations behind.  I'd love to compare this LG G2 to a Samsung Galaxy S4.


I think I'm screwed now. I don't think I can go back.

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