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Katrina and the Waves, But Only In Canada

I've recorded a few episodes about Attic Records, the Canadian record label that was formed in 1974 by Al Mair and Tom Williams. There was my conversation with Kevin Shea and Steve Waxman, and my chat with the late Al Mair. Not to mentions chats with Lee Aaron, Maestro Fresh-Wes, Rik Emmett and other Attic Records artists.

Tom Williams has passed away, meaning both Al and Tom are now gone. That has me revisiting these Attic Records stories and I'd like to shine a light on Katrina and the Waves, who were originally signed to Attic Records. They released an album in 1983 that was only released in Canada, and this album included the original version of Walking On Sunshine. Here's how that sounded.

In 1985, Capitol Records signed Katrina and the Waves and they had the band re-record Walking on Sunshine. This is the version you know and love. It was a smash, and seemingly everywhere.

Now you know the rest of the story.

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