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Tomorrow Afternoon's Recording Schedule

Tomorrow afternoon should be an interesting one here at TMDS. At 2pm, The Toronto Star's Edward Keenan visits for his quarterly. Ed drops by every three months to talk about all things Toronto. Since his last visit in early January, everything has changed.

Here's that Keenan visit from January.

Then, when I say goodbye to Ed and snap my photo with him by the tree, I'll tear down the studio, load it into the bike trailer, and head east to Jarvis and Queens Quay. That's where the GLB Brewpub awaits. I'll be recording live from there during a Corus event for AM640.

As luck would have it, Ed Keenan will be at that event as well, as he's got a new radio show on 640. Other FOTMs will jump on my mics, including Greg Brady, Kelly Cutrara, Alex Pierson, Dani Stover and Amanda Cupido. I'm hoping there will be some new blood, too.

The Ed episode will hit the Toronto Mike'd feed before I bike east, and the recording at the GLB Brewpup will drop Friday morning. Are you subscribed?

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