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Casinos and fashion: how do casinos influence fashion and vice versa?

Going to a casino is an event at the intersection of casual and formal. It is not usually an extraordinary event in a person's life, but it is not a dinner party at the house of a respected person. This is why casino attire has always combined casual and formal wear and this has had a significant impact on the fashion of people away from gambling. Also in an era when everyone wants to play mobile casino no deposit bonus, the so-called 'online casino fashion' has become an important phenomenon.

The emergence of new styles.

Casinos were one of those places that spawned new styles in fashion. Before the ubiquity of gambling establishments, most people's clothing was strictly divided into casual and festive. However, casinos had a strict dress code, which meant there were no casual clothes that we were used to:

  • T-shirts;
  • jeans;
  • trainers;
  • etc.

Therefore, the casual style was totally inappropriate. On the other hand, the excitement and whirlwind of emotion that reigns in the atmosphere of the game do not go well with uncomfortable, constraining ball gowns, tailcoats and the like. So more and more different variations of clothing appeared which were at the intersection of these two styles.

Cocktail dresses.

This type of gown, which was a 'simplified' version of a classic evening gown, became popular due to Prohibition and the development of casinos. They were in the same vein as expensive luxury gowns, but were made from less expensive fabrics, were short (about knee length) and not so richly embroidered.

Cocktail dresses quickly became the dress code in gambling houses, as women were much more comfortable in them, and they pleased the eyes of men, as they better emphasized the figure and beauty of the woman herself. The owners of the gambling houses did not mind, as cocktail dresses did not belong to everyday or working clothes and were therefore appropriate for the dress code.

Gradually, however, cocktail dresses expanded beyond the establishments and began to be seen more and more in fashion shows, and soon on the streets of cities. Now it's hard to imagine a young girl who doesn't own a cocktail dress, although the initial outfits were initially reserved for visits to casinos and underground bootlegging bars.

Online fashion.

The widespread proliferation of online casinos has spawned a new style, one that's commonly found in all those professional greenhorns who spend several hours a day playing thousands of hands. Their standard attire:

  • Trainers of various kinds or sneakers.
  • Jeans or other comfortable trousers, e.g. tight cargos.
  • A sweatshirt with a hood as a must-have attribute.

A hood is a key piece of clothing at all times. This is due to the fact that such players are very strong in the mathematical component of poker or other gambling games, but extremely weak in psychology, so they do not like unnecessary attention. These people would rather play casino minimum deposit £4 from online, but the atmosphere of a real gambling establishment and the opportunity to earn really good money attracts them to real gambling houses.

The influence of fashion on casinos.

But a large part of the mutual influence lies precisely in the influence of fashion on casinos. Fashion is no longer the preserve of a select number of people, in today's world anyone can dress stylishly, order the latest gadgets, and you don't have to have a large budget to do so. Fashion has become more and more democratic.

This simplification has also affected casinos. Until the middle of last century casinos were only open to people wearing expensive suits and party dresses; gradually the dress code became less strict and you could now simply wear a shirt and trousers and women started to wear cocktail dresses.

In the modern stage of development, the casino dress code has also become very democratic. In Las Vegas, for example, you can come and play in pretty much any outfit, in most casinos you won't even be kicked out in a T-shirt and jeans. All you have to do is wear clean clothes.

London casinos are stricter, even now in most of them you have to follow certain minimum rules. But a polo shirt and clean trousers will open the door to almost all establishments.

Mutual influence.

Gambling establishments may have lost some of their charm after they stopped strictly enforcing the dress code, but they have become more accessible and democratic. I like this change, it allows people to express themselves, to show their individuality in dress, without being constrained by any rules. The influence of casinos on fashion and vice versa is a striking illustration of a society evolving towards easier living, less formal rules which can only get in the way.

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