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Rusty at Sneaky Dee's: Hook It To My Veins

Rusty announced a surprise show at Sneaky Dee's, and I couldn't cough up the $15 fast enough. I haven't seen Rusty since 2017, but I've probably listened to Fluke 1000 times over the past five years. Hook that shit to my veins.

Sneaky Dee's was the perfect intimate venue to get nice and close to the stage to enjoy these FOTMs. I even got a shoutout during Empty Cell. If anyone has video of Rusty performing Empty Cell at Sneaky Dee's last night, please share it! What a moment.

As has become the norm at these smaller gigs, I bumped into several FOTMs. Steve and Lucy from Acid Test were there, as was Lee "Beef" Eckley and Uncle Rob. And of course, my #TOAST co-star Cam Gordon was there. What a great night.

I had great chats with Ken, Scott and John and we all agree it's time for a Rusty Toronto Mike'd sequel. Here's their first visit.

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