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One Man's Mozart is Another Man's Pitbull: Of Rusty's Fluke

If you've ever listened to a Kick Out the Jams! episode of my podcast, you've heard me talk about the potent power of nostalgia. I've often said the music you loved as a teenager will stick with you the rest of your life.

I was 20 when I first heard Rusty, but my ears loved it. I thought Fluke was the greatest album. In fact, a mere decade ago, I included Fluke on my list of my ten favourite Canadian albums of all-time.

Groovy Dead, Wake Me, California, Misogyny... I never understood why everyone wasn't raving about Rusty. Didn't you all hear what I heard? Ah, the subjectivity of music... one man's Mozart is another man's PItbull.

Last night, I made the very cold late-night bike ride to the Mod Club to catch Dearly Beloved and Rusty and they still sound great. I had extra tickets, and couldn't give them away, which tells you how popular Rusty is in 2017, but I had an absolute blast.

On my chilly ride home west along the waterfront trail in the wee hours of the morning, you could hear me bellowing the hook to Wake Me over and over again. My apologies to the Canada geese trying to sleep by Windermere.


What's your Rusty? You know, a band that can't fill the Mod Club but to you is like seeing U2 or Springsteen?

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