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5 Ways to Win (and Keep) More Clients in Toronto

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Let’s be honest - finding clients is a long and often time-consuming process. The competition in any market is at its peak right now, especially with numerous businesses and companies opening up all over the world, especially Toronto.

Whether you’re the owner of a multi-million dollar tech company or run a small business at home - something that’s common to both is the fact that finding and retaining clients is a huge deal these days.

This is because your competition is always on the lookout for any chance they can find to swoop in there and mesmerize your clients with offers, loyalty plans, and pricing that seemingly looks like the best in the market.

However, despite all of this, it still isn’t impossible to win good clients and retain them for the long run. The key is in building a good relationship with them, apart from giving them stellar service at a great price.

In this article, we’re going to give you some killer tips on how you can not only find the best clients out there in Toronto, but also retain them and build a great relationship that will last for years to come.

Let’s get started!

1. Build a solid foundation

Let’s get things straight - there’s no way that you’re going to be able to “buy” your clients over with grand gestures or gifts. That’s an impossible feat and it’s also not the most ethical way to build great relationships that will last a long time. However, you need to be able to show your clients that you’re invested in the relationship and see yourself working with them many years down the future.

There are many ways in which you can do this, but here’s a basic list to get you started on the right track:

Remember the little details

Even if they’ve shared small and seemingly insignificant details with you during conversation (such as a sick family member or a dog who needs to visit the vet, or maybe even trouble with their realtor) make sure you remember the details and check in about it whenever you catch up the next time.

For this, you need to view the relationship as something more than a business transaction and take genuine interest in their life and well-being. By staying present and showing your concern, you’ll not only break the ice but also come across as a long-term acquaintance rather than someone they did business with once.

Give them thoughtful gifts

Whenever you meet them for a business discussion, it’s best to not go empty handed. Gifting them thoughtful presents will not only make them feel appreciated, but will also leave a lasting impression of you and your business on their mind.

At the end of the day, they’re going to want to do business with someone who goes the extra mile to show them that they care rather than a faceless business that doesn't offer quality service (even if their price is lower).

This doesn’t mean that you have to turn up with the most extravagant gift there is - there are many corporate gift ideas which you can look into and choose the best one for the occasion.

Show up on time and don’t leave them hanging

Don’t ever take your clients for granted or play hard to get. When running a business, remember that 70% of your success depends on how good your product or service is while the remaining 30% depends on how good your customer service is.

Own your mistakes

If by chance there are ever any mess ups from your side, be the first one to own it and be accountable for it. A client would any day trust someone who owns up to their mistake and later makes amends for it rather than someone who pretends it isn’t their fault.

2. Create a good loyalty program

The best way to keep clients engaged while also retaining them is to create a great loyalty program that catches their attention. Show them all the benefits they’re going to be getting the longer they stay with your business, and make sure you always come through on the promises you make.

If you feel you may not be able to fulfill the promise, make sure you never make that claim because clients will easily lose trust in a business that can’t keep its word on simple things. Make sure you include as many benefits as you can, as your competitors will always try to lure clients away with newbie trial schemes and offers.

3. Never stop improving your business

Whether you’re selling a service or a product, don’t ever stop improving it and coming up with a better way to solve your client’s problems. If a product or service gets stagnant, the first ones to notice will be your clients, especially when they notice that other products in the market are offering more at the same value.

That’s why it’s important to continuously improve and innovate the business to keep giving your clients relevant value as their needs change and evolve.

4. Under-promise but over-deliver

In business, it’s always best to under-promise but over-deliver. This way, your clients will be happy to be working with someone who not just keeps their word but also gives them more than initially promised, and they also won’t feel let down or cheated.

Businesses can quickly get messy, especially when managers over-promise but later realize that they’re going to have to come up with excuses or ask for more time in order to deliver what they promised. The goal is to be realistic and leave room for unexpected problems, so don’t ever say you can deliver something unless you’re absolutely sure about it.

5. Send them a thankyou note

Finally, don’t forget about them once the deal is closed. Be sure to seal the deal with a heartfelt note of appreciation and thanks - this way, you’ll be ending the business deal on memorable terms and will be setting the foundation for a long, fruitful relationship.

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