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What People Bet on the Most in Canada?

Legislation in sports betting has begun in Canada in 2021, with the province of Ontario being the lead in this game. Since then the industry has been going strong. Now there are many international casinos that are applying for a gambling license in the country. Many international casinos now accept Canadians as registered members. Experts predict that this sector will be minting billions of dollars in the coming years.

Sports Betting Most Popular

Casino games might have introduced Canadians to the world of online betting Canada, but serious gambling is what the sports fans actually indulge in. While the US is known for its poker fans and enthusiasts competing for millions of dollars in global tournaments, sports betting is what Canada seems to popularise. Here we look at the different sports and other casino games that Canadians gamble on and the kind of bets that are most popular.

1. Hockey

This is a sport that is recognized as a winter sport played at the national level in the country since the year 1994. It is of little surprise therefore that NHL and the sport is number one in this industry in Canada. It is also reflected in sports betting activity on the different domains popularised by Canadians. Among football game events, final games of the Stanley Cup are most watched and betted upon. The outcome of the different matches of the NHL season is also bet upon. Close on its heels is ice hockey as well when it comes to betting among Canadians. With international domains offering online services, Canadians can wager on their favourite international leagues as well. Hence, it is not uncommon for them to bet on international leagues as well such as Czech or Finnish leagues.

2. Football

Canadian football is more of a spin-off of American football. However, it is definitely popular among the sports-loving community. American football does dominate in favour among Canadians, but they do support their homegrown teams as well. Grey Cup, which happens every November, is a league where nine teams compete. It is the highlight of the sporting season and the beginning of winter sports. The season spans 21 weeks. Of course, those who are interested in football will find other international leagues to bet upon as well. The English Premier League and World Cup are some instances of international football leagues that get the interest of bettors all over the world.

3. Soccer

This is another sports segment that Canadians like to bet upon. The FIFA World Cup is a popular instance which is watched and followed the most and it is the same in Canada. It is a huge draw among sports bettors here whenever this four-yearly event comes around. Of course, the national team is also there to cheer on who qualified for the finals back in 1986. However, Canada has been host to the game and is also being considered for the upcoming 2026 game. This game definitely has royal status in terms of popularity. On a more regular basis, Canadian players often play against other countries such as the UK, France and Germany which pique interest among bettors.

4. Basketball

This American sport also has significant followers in Canada. It is also interesting to note that the game was originally invented by a games teacher in Massachusetts, who was a Canadian. It is said that he came up with an idea for such a game in the year 1891. Since then the game gained immense popularity as the success and fame of the NBA stands testimony. This global franchise has fans all over the world and including Canadians as well.

5. Other Games

Other games that Canadians like to bet on are horse racing, motorsports racing, and baseball among others. Since most sports betting domains include an exhaustive list of sports and different events under each, there is much to choose from.

Benefits of Sports Betting for Canadians

Before 2021 Canadians were mostly betting on international domains which allowed them to register and gamble in their own currency. Also, as per government norms, they could only choose to bet on parlays. These are bet combinations of at least two bets on different games. These provide wins only when one has won their bets in both games. Today, however, after Ontario has allowed single-game betting to be legal, this has opened up more avenues for Canadian sports bettors. It has also gotten the attention of sports betting domains from all over. Till now they were operating mostly with international licenses but now they can operate under local licenses as well. This also means more coverage of local sports and games as well as protection of the customers’ interests.

With the opening up of single-event sports betting, Canadians can make the most of single-game bets. They can simply pick a single sports event to place a bet on. They are no longer restricted in parlaying several outcomes of different matches. Single event bets are also better since they heighten the chances of wins more than multiple events do.

Other Betting Categories

Since the onset of online casino slots has always been the first preference among new bettors. Those who were new to the world of online casinos loved the glamour of the virtual slot machines. They still catch the attention of online gamblers since these games of chance or luck are recreational and relaxing.

Unlike sports betting where bettors need to know about the games, their statistics and odds, there is not much to know when you run slot machine games. These usually give good results with increased spins. As a result, most bettors are happy putting pennies into these games and letting them spin through several rounds. Of course, traditional card games also have their following among bettors. Many log in to take part in virtual tournaments and live sessions. This help makes up for the real-life casino experience. Many online casinos have a mix of slot games, table games and sports betting to offer since variety is what keeps the customers coming back for more.

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