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Is a dry herb vaporizer right for you?

Technology has advanced so significantly that now the cannabis industry is evolving with so many new devices. Since legalization, the cannabis industry has grown to become massive and this is due to tech advancements. People are now interested in healthier means of consumption and tech has evolved in the cannabis industry by introducing more devices as well as more methods of consumption. Dry herb vaporizers are a natural extension of this technology and they have become very popular amongst dry herb consumers. One of the reasons why they are so popular is because they are a healthier alternative to smoking. MagicVaporizers offer a wide variety of devices that are small and easy to carry, which is another reason to try them. Although there are lots of choices available, many people are still unsure about what is right for them so read on for some guidance.

What is a dry herb vaporizer?

Vaporizers heat and evaporate cannabinoids and terpenes in marijuana without combustion and dry herb vaporizers vaporize unprocessed plant matter and unprocessed flowers only as opposed to normal vaporizers that vaporize concentrates such as wax. The components of a dry herb vaporizer include:

  • Battery: Depending on the model, the vaporizer battery will either be removable or fixed and they are rechargeable.
  • Chamber: This is the part of the vaporizer where you put your herb.
  • Mouthpiece: This is where you will draw the vapor into your mouth from the chamber.

You also get many different types of dry herb vaporizers including:

  • Session vaporizers: This type of vaporizer is the most common and once you’ve loaded it up, you have to use up all your herb in one session.
  • On-demand vaporizers: This type of vaporizer allows you to take a hit whenever you want. Once you are done vaping, you can simply turn off the vaporizer and then switch it on again when you want another hit.
  • Portable vaporizer: These are vaporizers that are handheld and can fit into your purse or pocket.
  • Desktop vaporizer: These are large vaporizers that are for home use only.

Experts claim that vaporizers have become so popular because of the advance in technology.

Vaping vs smoking

Vaping is considered a lot healthier than traditional smoking because it uses vapor instead of smoke and there is no combustion involved. When you smoke a joint of a blunt, the combustion causes harmful toxins to be released into the body which can cause lung cancer as well as upper airway cancer. Smoking also produces secondhand smoke which is harmful to the people around you. Vaping, on the other hand, eliminates harmful toxins and is much healthier. There is also much less smoke produced which eliminates the risk of harming those around you.

Much more discreet

Vaporizers are extremely discreet. They produce very little smoke and almost no smell, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. You also won’t have to worry about a lingering smell on your clothes and hair. They are small and portable which makes it easy to vape in a public place without attracting any attention.

A long-term money saver

Initially, you can expect to spend quite a bit of money on a dry herb vaporizer but looking at it long-term, it actually saves you money. For one, dry herb vaporizers use much less weed so you are saving in that regard. You will also save money because you won’t need to buy certain things that you need when you are smoking a joint such as rolling papers, filters, and a lighter. Overall, this is a good investment.

Better flavor

Finally, we are going to discuss the fact that dry herb vaporizers produce a far better flavor because you are in control of the temperature and you can adjust it to your liking. The smoke is also heavier and thicker which adds to the flavor and potency making the experience much better. This is important because you want to optimize your experience and not waste your precious bud.

So there you have it, after reading his blog, would you say that dry herb vaporizers are right for you? Overall, it is without a doubt the better option if compared to smoking a joint because it is much healthier, you save a lot more money and you experience more flavor and potency which makes for a far more enjoyable experience.

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