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Win It For (Part II)

This is part two.

Part one is here.

Win it for me. I was so excited to witness the birth of a franchise, I recorded that first game against the Nets to VHS. I have Alvin Robertson’s name tattooed on my cranium. I’ve wanted this moment for 24 long years.

Win it for every one of us who watched a Raps game at the cavernous dome. It was an awful team, and a terrible basketball venue, but basketball had arrived in Toronto and we were going to be there through thick and thin.

Win it for Leo, who always wanted to play for the home team that was born too late. He’s been a key part of broadcasts since day one and was at my door bright and early on a holiday Monday after a double overtime win.

Win it for Mike Kic. He was the biggest Raps fan I knew, and he left the party far too soon. He’d be going bananas right now.

Win it for Canada. We The North is more than a clever marketing slogan, it’s a statement of unity. Millions across this nation are tuning in to watch Toronto vs. everybody. O Canada!

Win it for Toronto. I love this city, so diverse and full of love. We long suffering sports fans deserve to party like it’s 1993.

Win it for James. I rarely see him without his Kawhi jersey these days and every time I tell a new Raps fan I was watching in the preseason, he reminds me he watched summer league. James only passionately loves two teams and this means the world to my boy. Most of all, win it for him.

Kic would be going bananas right now
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