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How do I protect myself from Fake Casino Apps?

More and more people are enjoying casino apps for the tablet or mobile phone. One can pass the time at any time and anywhere without hesitation. Whether you're on your way to work, at lunchtime, waiting for someone to arrive and much more. But is the casino really safe on the internet and can you use such casino apps with a clear conscience? The media are already warning against dubious online games, as this market has grown enormously in recent years. State control cannot yet keep up with this enough to keep a 100 percent eye on this area. In the Internet it is very easy to exploit certain loopholes in the law, probably also through the possibility of anonymity. Some people are tempted to get fast money by dishonest means. That's why this article will address some tips to help protect you from fake casino apps. So you can enjoy the pleasure of playing and earn one or the other Euro in addition.

So cheat the fake casinos

The guidelines of the Apple App Store and the Google Playstore have fortunately been changed in the past so that no more apps can be offered here that support gambling with real money. Accordingly, the customers have to pay attention to dubious offers of the fake apps. Casino apps can be downloaded via the Playstore of Android, but this is only a pure gambling application where no real money betting is possible. Better said, after downloading the app, users only play for fun for play money. So it serves to protect the customers that you can't play with real money, so there are almost no fake apps in the Appstore.

However, now almost all online casinos go an alternative way. And they don't offer apps anymore. The complete casino offer was adapted for the browser of all mobile devices. Quasi a special version of the normal website that opens automatically when you open it with a normal browser from your smartphone or tablet. This ability to play in an online casino is especially popular for less common Windows or Blackberry software smartphones. However, users with an Android or iOS mobile phone or tablet can also benefit from this uncomplicated variant.

This is where the scammers come into play. These programs usually hide malicious software that fraudulently tries to obtain money or private information. With the help of so-called affiliate links (advertising partners), the operator receives either a one-off payment or a share of the net losses. So if you register for an online casino through a fake casino portal, the sums that are converted are passed on to a third party. So it's hard to locate the real culprit.

Important criteria that a reputable online casino must meet


A good online casino has a transparent platform to gain the trust of its customers and to provide a good overview. Licenses such as those from Malta or Gibraltar or even one of the coveted Schleswig-Holstein licenses have a certain degree of security and professionalism. For casinos with a license in Europe, you can always contact the authorities. Here, special cases are examined by independent parties. Without a reasonable license there is of course no contact person. And you can quickly put your money on the line. Because the scammers don't just want to get at the money they're playing for. Personal data, such as credit card data, is also stolen and hacked.

Read test reports / empirical values

The test reports on the Internet are also very helpful! If a provider has a state-approved license, it is a great advantage to read the customer reviews. It is then also quickly apparent whether this online casino actually appeals to you with the offer. But as I said, always pay attention to the license. For some fraudulent sites and apps, such as Ares Casino, 77 Jackot and Futuriti, there are also good fake ratings. Who then appear to be trustworthy.

Unbeatable offers

Some casino offers are too good to be true. This is especially true of fake casinos. While licensed casinos must of course somehow get the bonuses they distribute to the players back in, it is no problem for casino scammers to promise huge bonuses. Because the slots are usually manipulated, so that even with a 500 € bonus you are quickly on the losing streak. But if you win, the fake casinos keep the money and just close the account.

data protection

All reputable and trustworthy online casinos, as well as the major banks, use SSL encryption to protect personal information and payment history. This encryption is always up to date and offers customers security. If a platform uses something else for processing payments, this is a sign of curiosity. And it's better not to get involved. Because with advanced technology, our data are also our possessions.

Protection of minors & players

Good reputable online casinos also attach great importance to player protection and especially to the protection of minors! Whether a supplier also offers for his own control possibilities. For example, a summary of the games in the form of a table or how much money you have already played. Before a payment is made, proof of identity is also required again.  This shows whether the provider is working with right means.

Spiritual Theft

The criminals often don't even bother to create a fake app themselves. Not only the games are stolen, but also pictures, yes even the AGBs are copied in places simply by other online Casinos, in order to work credibly.

Dishonest customer service

Also the customer service is a good indicator for a serious online casino! One should always attach great importance to the customer service, since one recognizes here clearly whether one can trust the casino. At fake casinos it is often the case that nobody answers back or someone answers in a foreign language that you don't understand anyway. Or simply false information is given, for example about the license. There can also be very long waiting times for payment. If anything ever gets paid out.

The bottom line is that it is important to find out a lot about the online casino. If you haven't found a suitable provider yet, you can find some examples outstanding operators at The above mentioned criteria should be considered in any case in order to pursue the pleasure of online casinos. Once you have found a reputable online casino, nothing stands in the way of fun!

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