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What type of bets are there?

Sports betting is becoming increasingly popular. It is actually a matter of course, as sport is very important in this country. The trend for more people to sign up with an online betting provider every year has been rising for years and there is no sign that this should change. Despite the already very large following of sport bets there are still many uncertainties in the society about the topic. The following article briefly explains why the image of the business is not flawless. Furthermore, the most important facts are explained and illustrated how sports betting works and which types exist.

The history of sports betting

Bets have existed since the dawn of time. Sports events have always been a popular target of betting. There are indications that people were already making sports bets in public many thousands of years ago. At that time it was a normal hobby of many people. It was a means to pass the time and served as a distraction from the stressful and at that time still dangerous everyday life. The Romans, for example, used bread and games to distract themselves from war, social and political grievances. In the history of sports betting, there have always been lows at which the credibility, seriousness and safety of bets have led. Due to manipulations, which already existed at the first Olympic Games a little more than two thousand years ago, the quality of the games and bets fell sharply. Later on, criminal gangs took over the business to a large extent, which meant that the safety of the players in particular was no longer guaranteed. However, there were also allegations of manipulation against the sports associations themselves, as in the recent past against FIFA. Purchased referees, players or entire teams made sure that the seriousness of the business was lastingly damaged. For this reason, there is still a rather negative picture of sports betting in general society. The eventful past and the fact that sports betting on the Internet has only recently become possible in Germany, namely since 2011, means that the perception is not positive.

This is how sports betting works today

The development of the Internet and technical devices has improved everyday life in many areas. Nowadays, you are always online, everywhere and able to share life with other people or be active on the World Wide Web. This has also benefited the sports betting industry. Currently, most sports bets are placed online. This made the hobby safer because it was easier to regulate. Although the black market in sports betting and the sum, with more than 200 billion euros each year, is still enormously high, the number of players and thus the sum of the black market continues to decline. The market was redefined by the Internet and control was much more effective. The participants benefit most from this. No matter how much you bet and how high the odds on a bet are, you can be sure that you will get the amount you won. Of course, this only applies to betting providers with a valid licence for gambling and a test seal. These two criteria are the characteristics for the security and reliability of a platform. If these are available with a supplier, one can be completely sure that the offer is legal, checked and trustworthy.

The offer of the betting providers

In order to better explain the types of bets, it is advantageous to first get an overview of the entire offer. On average, a betting provider manages between 30 and 50 different sports on one platform. It is therefore not necessary to create an account with a specific bookmaker for each sport you wish to bet on. Several countries and leagues are offered per sport. Thus it is possible to bet on sports bets on football in Germany on the matches of the league one to four, in France also on several leagues, Spain, Italy, Portugal, England, other European countries as well as non-European length and leagues. The number of sports, countries and leagues alone makes it clear how large and extensive the betting providers' range of games is. But these are the individual sporting events as a whole. On each game there are again several thousand possibilities at bets.

The types of sports bets

There are numerous bets on every sporting event. There are more than 40,000 different betting options for a match in the first Bundesliga alone. These can either be submitted individually or combined. The different types of bets are explained briefly below.

A single bet is a single bet on a sporting event with a single betting option. For example the winner of a game or the fastest driver of a round. If one amount is bet per single bet, the bet is wrong and the money bet is lost. If the bet ends well, the amount wagered will be deducted from the odds, resulting in a win.

A combination bet is the combination of several individual bets on which a stake is placed. An example are the winners of several game pairings. If all sports events run according to plan, more profit is made, but if only one bet option is wrong, the entire stake is lost.

The system bet is the combination of several combination bets. The big difference, however, is that even if a bet goes wrong, you can still win. This means that the risk is better distributed, as several bets are placed at the same time, whereby one or the other bet may also end negatively. The chances of winning and the possible winning amount is much greater as many individual bets are made at once.

Long-term bets and live bets are not separate types of bets and count as single bets, but they are also special types. The names are more or less self-explanatory. Both species attract with high quotas, as both are very complex and risky.

For sports betting you need a betting provider

It should be mentioned that beginners should only start with single bets. The other types, including long term and live bets, are very complex, risky and should only be played with sufficient experience. More sources on sports betting, strategies, tips, tricks and explanations on the different types of bets can be found on (source: Sports betting, although a hobby and leisure activity, is a risky and complex undertaking. Long-term success can only be achieved with sufficient information, experience and skills.

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