Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 401: Mark Hebscher Returns

Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 401In this 401st episode, Mike chats with Mark Hebscher about the success of his podcast Hebsy on Sports, why he'll never get another MSM gig, Vince Carter, Gibby, Nylander, and Dan Maloney. This episode is exactly 2:18:58.

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Mark Hebscher and me

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Just started listening. Comedy isn't comedy anymore. Context is everything and the audience
will be the ultimate barometer of whether or not so-called offensive humour is appropriate or
funny. When even Jerry effin' Seinfeld refuses to perform at college campuses due to this
horrific trend, well, then you know that the pendulum has swung too far towards irrelevancy.
People need to take a deep breath, chillax, and perhaps save their overripe indignation and
self-righteousness for more worthy subjects, such as this infernal postal strike. (Hi, Cheryl!!)

November 23, 2018 @ 5:34 PM


Nice to hear that Pancer's Deli is one of Hebsy's On Sports' sponsors. Excellent product and
a regular nosh location for my family (when I still had one and could actually afford to go
there!!) sob... Great sandwiches and terrific Matzo Ball soup.

November 23, 2018 @ 6:03 PM


That Dan Maloney story is chilling.

November 24, 2018 @ 9:38 AM

Jason from Sudbury

@Mike: You and Mark were talking about Greg Brady being fired from Rogers and whether or not he could still do his own podcast while he's in his non-compete.
Here's an idea. You should try to get a lawyer on your podcast, someone who knows all about the legal shit, someone who knows all about contracts, what you can and can't do, etc. I'm sure you could also come up with all kinds of othe content. I think it would be an interesting podcast.

November 24, 2018 @ 3:22 PM

Chuck 99

I did remember the Brian Glennie incident when I commented on Dan Maloney's death earlier this week, but I chose not to speak ill of the dead. I had forgotten that the Leafs gave up a high number of draft picks in what should have been, at best, an even-up trade.

I respect the fact that Hebsy remembered the incident and continued to dislike Maloney as a player even after he became a Leaf. At the time of the trade, most fans no longer cared about the Glennie incident, since it happened a couple of seasons earlier, and what the heck, he's on our team now. I remember talking with my buddies about the trade and nobody mentioned Brian Glennie. In the 1970s NHL, incidents of thuggery were all too common and most fans had become insensitive to the brutality. They were more angry about the draft picks the Leafs surrendered to the Wings.

November 25, 2018 @ 4:02 PM

Jonathan Giggs

Regarding the Glennie-Maloney night, Leafs beat Detroit that night 7-3, November 5, 1975, with newly aquired Eddie Giacomin in goal for Detroit. His second game for the Red Wings after being placed on waivers by New York Rangers. His first game was in New York, crowd chanted ”Èddie, Eddie”, Red Wings won 6-4, and Brad Park admits in his book that the Rangers ”threw” the game, so upset that a popular teammate was discarded.

Leafs beat Pittsburgh 2-1 in Preliminary round, and then lost in seven to two-time defending champions Philadelphia Flyers. The next year, Leafs again beat Pittsburgh 2-1 in Preliminary round, and then lost 4-2 to the Flyers. But Leafs won first two games in Philly, had a big lead in Toronto and collapsed. Both series were very physical, criminal charges layed. Red Kelly not retained as coach.

When Dan Maloney was acquired by Leafs on March 13, 1978 for Errol Thompson, 1978 first round draft pick, 1979 conditional first round draft pick and 1979 second round draft pick, it was a late season move to be tougher for playoffs with Roger Neilson as coach. While Mark mentions that Harold Ballard made the trade, I suspect that Dan Maloney was more of the type of player that Neilson wanted, and captain Darryl Sittler (who had lots of influence and played with Maloney in OHL with London Knights). Leafs beat LA 2-0 in Preliminary round, then stunned the New York Islanders 4-3 with Lanny McDonald scoring overtime winner, before being swept by Montreal Canadiens in semi-finals. Next year didn`t go as well, and Neilson left to be Associate Coach to Scotty Bowman in Buffalo.

While Mark doesn`t have much good to say about Maloney, Gord Stellick tweeted “To know the real Dan Maloney was to know a man of great character. “(He had) great integrity, loyalty, passion, compassion, generosity and a wonderful sense of humour.”

November 30, 2018 @ 6:20 PM



Don't take this the wrong way, but it was kinda odd hearing concerns about 'favoritism' in media and moments later promoting a 'Sports Media Roundtable' featuring two guys whose only qualifications are they pay to be there.

Its a bit odd is all.

Just an FYI, Jamse Mirtle refereed to Babcock as 'babs' in his latest podcast 3/4 times at least, it hasn't stopped him from ripping on him from time to time.

December 7, 2018 @ 4:04 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


Oh, there's plenty of favoritism on Toronto Mike'd. I once had my son on.

December 7, 2018 @ 5:21 PM

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