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Humble and Fred Now On Funny 820 (CHAM-AM) Hamilton

Humble and Fred were cancelled by SiriusXM Canada this past summer, but they're back on terrestrial radio starting Monday at 7am as the new morning show on Funny 820 (CHAM-AM) Hamilton.

It's officially official now. @HumbleFredRadio is the new morning show on @Funny820.

First live show is Monday at 7am. This one-time radio show turned podcast is now a radio show again. But it's also a podcast. Got it?#radio— Toronto Mike (@torontomike) September 13, 2018

This is the first time Humble and Fred have been live on a terrestrial station you could get in the GTA since 2005 when they were the morning show at Mix 99.9. Then, Fred was fired, Humble was fired, there was a short-lived experiment on a Kingston station and the recent stint on satellite radio.

Will the boys remember how to suppress their swears? We'll find out Monday. I'll be making an appearance on their new show after 8am on Monday and then they'll visit my home studio for an episode of Toronto Mike'd.

Humble and Fred Now On Funny 820
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