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That Was a Fun Two Years

At the end of April, I wrote that the Blue Jays were in trouble but not done yet. It was easy to say we were toast after that horrific start, but there was plenty of time to right the ship that had made two consecutive playoff appearances. To quote a man who recently dropped by to kick out the jams, it was early.

It's now late July and we're almost at the point two years ago when AA made a series of moves to propel the hype train out of the station. Today, our Jays are 44-52, better than only the White Sox and Athletics in the American League. Too many games resemble the 19-1 debacle I attended, or last night's 13-3 loss in Cleveland. This team is not very good.

I've got some great memories from the past two years, which reminded me of the early 90s when everyone in this city was on the Blue Jays bandwagon. We had the bat flip, Edwin's wildcard walk-off and this. After a couple of decades in the wilderness, Jays fever returned and it was glorious.

But now, it's time to blow it up. I'm in favour of completely rebuilding this team Maple Leafs style, and building a contender from the farm up.

It's time to scorch the earth.

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