Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 243: Mike Wilner Kicks Out the Jams!

Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 243In this 243rd episode, Mike and Mike Wilner play and discuss Wilner's ten favourite songs. This episode is exactly 1:20:05.

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Mike Wilner and Me

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Urooj Islam

It's still early, so I'm going to wait until late September to listen to this one.

June 20, 2017 @ 2:08 PM

Lyle Lanley

It's never too early to kick out the jams!

June 20, 2017 @ 2:30 PM


Downloading now.

Was going to post that the pic was great and there wasn't really anything I could tease you about.

Then realised you're wearing the exact same shirt on the pic from Father's day two days ago...


June 20, 2017 @ 3:48 PM


and shorts... lol

June 20, 2017 @ 3:50 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


I think y'all are looking too closely at my wardrobe!

June 20, 2017 @ 3:50 PM


That's what the guilty say ! Your diversion tactics won't work with me you hobo!


June 20, 2017 @ 4:03 PM


That pic looks like you and your high school bully are now on good terms after catching up at the 25 year reunion.

June 20, 2017 @ 4:05 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

The sad truth is I'm down to three pairs of shorts....

One pair I bike in, another I play ball in, and this pair is for when I need / want to dress up.

I need another pair of short. Or two.

June 20, 2017 @ 4:11 PM


These are your dress up pair ?


June 20, 2017 @ 4:16 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


Yep. These are most definitely my dress up pair. :(

June 20, 2017 @ 4:18 PM


If this was a clever ploy to get us to sign up for Patron it almost worked.

June 20, 2017 @ 4:19 PM


What with your high school bully stealing your money and all...

We need to take action!

June 20, 2017 @ 4:20 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


If this was a ploy, I wouldn't have worn my good pair!

June 20, 2017 @ 4:24 PM


Thankfully, we as a society couldn't tell.

June 20, 2017 @ 4:31 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

Thank you @Beatts for your pledge!

June 20, 2017 @ 4:34 PM


You're welcome.

Now go get yourself a hot meal and a shave. Shoot for the moon Toronto Mike, because if you fail you'll still be amongst the stars.

June 20, 2017 @ 4:38 PM


Another great Kick Out The Jams episode! It was nice to hear a lot of
artists and music that aren't often included in such surveys. Keep up
the great work!!!

June 20, 2017 @ 7:08 PM


3 songs in, started to feel uneasy ... I'm 4 songs in, feeling like I'll probably be hearing Night Ranger or REO Speedwagon before this is over.
I'm wondering if this will get into Wilner picking his fantasy walk-up playlist for the Jays.

June 20, 2017 @ 7:12 PM


Great podcast with Wilner's top 10/11/12.
1 of them in in my top 10 also. Toto - Africa. Others I liked also, but not my choices.

June 20, 2017 @ 8:35 PM


@Urooj Islam

Best comment on here!

June 21, 2017 @ 7:34 AM

James Edgar

The song list was once again not to my taste. WAY WAY too much "lite rock" but it was a fun listen.

Looking forward to more. It is interesting to have an insight into what people feel about music even if it's not at all what would make my top 10.

Which i have been working on. Down to a top 25 from 156 the other day so some progress. Part of the problem is i think mine changes as often as the weather.

June 21, 2017 @ 10:41 AM


That was downright uncomfortable. I bailed after pick 5 and do not want to know anything more about Wilner.

June 21, 2017 @ 11:27 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

Remember, one's favourite songs are subjective and should not be subject to ridicule.

June 21, 2017 @ 4:32 PM


Wilner hits a home run in the 11th. I throw Banana Split For My Baby in lots of playlists. My father played us songs/dj our requests from his collection like that- Roger Miller, You Can't Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd was a top pick.
He backed up his picks and interests in a strangely rational way, like he does. Fun episode.

June 21, 2017 @ 7:47 PM

Freedom 55

Mike - I am appreciative of the musical knowledge you add to your guest's music picks. In particular with this episode, your Duran Duran tidbits. I'm surprised Mr Wilner only selected 1 song from the 1990's with the Hip (1992) given his age. Once again, great podcast.

As per usual, my one complaint - if you are going to promote 10 songs, then please stay on script and cut it off at 10. It is not fair to Hebsy.

June 23, 2017 @ 9:53 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

@Freedom 55

I'll make sure the rest whittle it down to 10. :)

June 23, 2017 @ 9:58 AM

Gary M

Huge fan of Wilner's list. This Is The Time is a great song that never got overplayed.

But guys, come on. Toto had 10 top 40 hits.

June 24, 2017 @ 2:37 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

@Gary M

I was wrong. I was very young when Hold the Line came out, and didn't even know it was Toto. But that, "Rosanna", and "Africa" were huge hits, no doubt.

June 25, 2017 @ 2:56 PM

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