Don't Steal My Bike

The Star has an article today about the worst streets for locking up your bike. Not surprisingly, downtown is where most of the thefts occur.

Toronto is the bike theft capital of the world with more than 18,000 bikes reported stolen between Jan. 1, 2010 and June 30, 2015. As a cyclist, I'm rather sensitive to this, and as careful as possible.

For the vast majority of my rides, I don't lock up my bike at all. And when I do bike to a destination, as I did today, I'm careful to choose a highly visible area and use multiple locks, including my trusty Kryptonite.


No lock is unbreakable, but I like to think thieves with smaller tools will bypass my locks for an easier score. So far, so good.

I haven't had a bike stolen since I was 14 and it was lifted from the family garage. Have you had a bike stolen in this city? If so, what kind of lock did you use and where did you leave it?

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Twice when I was a kid living in Scarborough. None since, likely due to the fact that I ride a now-16-year-old mountain bike (Raleigh Matterhorn) and I lock it up in visible areas with a U-lock.

April 25, 2016 @ 10:09 PM

Rick C in Oakville

Saw this article this morning.
My son had his Raleigh stolen from our garage, but he had left the garage door open over night. He was devastated as he had paid for it himself.
I am always amazed at the number of stripped and abandoned bikes left around the city, so it just isn't stolen bikes but damaged ones also.
Look at the character that was caught a few years ago with an organised theft ring, and the number of bikes he had.

April 26, 2016 @ 7:36 AM


When I ride my bike to work, it sits locked for several hours near Queen West / University which is probably a fruitful bike-stealing neighbourhood. But I lock it up near as many other bikes as possible, on a building rack, hoping that thieves might overlook my bike. I do figure my speedometer/lights/bags/pump will be lifted one day, but not yet.

I have been fortunate not to lose a bike yet, and that includes a period of several years when I didn't realize I had a spare key to my bike lock sitting inside a bag I had on the bike.

April 26, 2016 @ 8:46 AM

Ryan G

One summer Sunday afternoon last year I had my brother in law electrician at my house, and he needed to get in and out of the garage to access the main panel. So of course, when he was in the house for maybe 10 minutes, the unoccupied open garage was a giant green light. I'm right downtown on the east side, which generally has more than it's share of sketch who walk up and down residential streets looking for opportunities.

I must say, I was quite pissed in the moment and painted a picture in my head if I had caught him in the act. Given most hobos seem to all wear ill fitting oversized jackets (dark green seems to be en vogue for most of 'em), I visualized the 'ol hockey-fight technique of pulling the jersey over the head to blind your opponent while raining blows down upon him. Fortunately for both of us I never saw that bike again.

April 26, 2016 @ 9:44 AM

James Edgar

I worked at Front and Simcoe and had bike stolen from the Bike rack behind the building in the fall of 1999. It was MEC lock that was supposed to be as good as kryptonite according to the person who suggested it. I guess not. Not a super expensive bike ,around $300 a couple of years before.
But it was my only transport other than TTC at the Time and i was penny pinching sdo it pissed me off to no end.

I ended up getting a Trek Hybrid at a police auction a couple of weeks later for $100 that was retailing the year before for$700 (it was VERY dirty so nobody thought it was worth much, a brand new Supercycle that retailed for a $100 at cantire went for $250 just before,it was clean LOL) so it worked out.

April 26, 2016 @ 2:59 PM


when I biked to work years ago they had a nice bike compound for employees. never had a problem, plus my bike at the time was from zellers so not too valuable, although to me it was my main way of getting around - invaluable.
a few years ago a friend was over and we over indulged in some boozy activities and he decided to walk home instead of bike. I didn't think much of it - he just put his bike in my backyard behind the garage. bam - gone the next morning. I felt so bad about it I offered to split a new bike with him but he declined and still has not replaced his bike.
meanwhile my neighbor, who bikes daily, leaves his bike unlocked perched against his front porch and has never had a problem.
bike thieves are bastards. that is all

April 26, 2016 @ 7:33 PM

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