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Lake Shore Cycle Track Close to Fruition

In the spring of 2014, I wrote about the stretch of the Waterfront Trail between Norris Crescent and First Street.  This is really the only part of the trail that's not off-road, not on quiet side streets and doesn't have a designated bike lane.

I followed that entry up with an update in July of 2014. I contacted my counsellor about it, and he told me they were looking at it. in fact, there was a study done, and they were actually looking at it.

Now, we're very close. There's an open house tonight, but I can't be there as it conflicts with my boy's hockey game. Here's what's coming, and a pic of what it will look like.

The City of Toronto is planning a 1.4km cycle track along Lake Shore Boulevard West from Norris Crescent to First Street, west of Mimico Waterfront Park in Etobicoke, Ward 6. The new cycle track will provide a safe connection for cyclists, and will close a gap in the Waterfront Trail.
Lakeshore Cycle Track at Royal York Draft July 2

It's even better than I had hoped. I can't wait to ride it.

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