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Alex Anthopoulos Leaves Blue Jays

Following 22 years in the wilderness, the Blue Jays built up a lot of goodwill this season. I was personally obsessed with this team after the trade deadline, perhaps the greatest trade deadline of all-time. You can thank Alex Anthopoulos for that.

Mark Shapiro, hired on the last day of a fantastic August for the Blue Jays, becomes president and CEO on Monday. From what I gather, Shapiro wanted final say on all baseball transactions, as did Anthopoulos. As power struggles go, this was no contest, so Anthopoulos walked away.

If not over money, Anthopoulos’ departure almost certainly linked to changing dynamic of #BlueJays’ front-office with Shapiro’s arrival.— Ken Rosenthal (@Ken_Rosenthal) October 29, 2015

As a fan, this is a real head shaker. A brilliant trade deadline was followed by some of the greatest baseball this city has ever seen. When Bautista flipped that bat, this city was electrified. I had never seen as many Jays hats and jerseys than I did this season. Shapiro really only had one job to do... extend Anthopoulos and give him the keys. Shapiro, had other ideas.

Source: In their 1st & only meeting, new Jays prez Mark Shapiro scolded Alex Anthopolous & staff for trading so many top prospects this yr— Rick Westhead (@rwesthead) October 29, 2015

I wish Anthopoulos nothing but the best of luck, and thank him for what he gave us Jays fans in 2015. It was awesome.

As for Rogers and Shapiro, that's a lot of goodwill to piss away awfully quickly. I honestly don't know what to say...

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