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My Son Thinks He's Bob McKenzie

My oldest son thinks he's Bob McKenzie. Yesterday I got a passionate and detailed analysis as to who the Leafs might draft fourth overall and why. Some scenarios have Noah Hanifin dropping to fourth, others have us picking Dylan Strome or Mitch Marner and then there's the Ivan Provorov wildcard. My son heard an analyst calling Ivan Provorov the best defenseman in the draft and now he's preparing me for a surprise.

Clearly, after the top two picks, it's up for grabs. It sounds like a tremendous top six, and since we're drafting fourth, we're unlikely to screw this up. Friday night, my boy will have us glued to TSN Sportsnet to find out who it'll be. I'll admit, he's got me pretty excited.

In April, I hoped we'd draft Michell Marner. I still do, but I could live with Dylan Strome.

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