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3 Topics I Choose Not to Write About

The following are topics I choose not to write about. Luckily for you interested parties there are thousands of other websites covering all three in great detail.

1. The Royal Birth
I hear a young British couple just welcomed a healthy daughter into the world. Good for them. I wish them all nothing but happiness, but my interest level is minuscule.

2. The Death of Boxing
I understand a couple of boxers just made gobs of money. Neither are guys I'd want to grab a coffee with, but that's not why I'm not going to write about how boxing died on Saturday night. I'm not going to do that because I already wrote that entry three years ago.

3. Bruce Jenner's Transition
I'm casually following this story, and from what I gather, Bruce Jenner has dealt with gender dysphoria since his youth and now identifies as a woman. My only hope here is that she's true to herself and finds happiness. I have no interest in writing about her personal journey.

There are dozens of other topics I choose not to write about, but those are the big three of the moment.

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