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Why I Hope My Kids Won't Smoke Pot

Why I Hope My Kids Won't Smoke Pot

I think I'm pretty liberal when it comes to marijuana. People very close to me use it regularly and I hold no judgements. I firmly believe it should be decriminalized, maybe even legalized. But I've chosen not to partake, and I hope my kids make the same choice.

It's not just the negative effect smoking pot has on the lungs, marijuana deposits four times as much tar into the lungs as tobacco, but that's worth noting here. It's what I've seen pot do to the creative mind. Marijuana, in my observation, is quite the dream killer.

This site you're reading right now is the result of some boredom experienced in the late 90s. The web piqued my curiosity and I wanted to learn how to write HTML. Months of trial and error later, I was writing fluently by hand I started this site as a sandbox of sorts. This is where I tried new things.

Throughout my life, when I felt that itch, I'd start projects. In addition to this blog, there's the podcast, an attempt to run a marathon, a ridiculous amount of archiving and various home and personal challenges. These projects come from a place of boredom and curiosity, and I've seen this space that sparks creativity and progression dissipate by the use of pot.

I don't want my kids' downtime and bored times "cured" by using pot. I want them to shake it up, experient, create, and better themselves and their lives when they have that feeling. My oldest is almost a teenager, and I know it's only a matter of time before a friend offers him some weed. My hope is he'll realize he doesn't need it.

Because he doesn't.

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