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The Power of Now

The Power of Now

Young people born into the internet age will never fully appreciate how crazy instant and borderless it all is.

At 3:48pm, I received an email from a Caterina who found me after Googling for Arnold Lanni's email address. Arnold Lanni, who I first wrote about here, is a former member of Frozen Ghost and Sheriff.  Caterina's husband is also an A. Lanni and she's been getting voicemails intended for Arnold.

A half an hour later, thanks to Twitter, I had touched base with Arnold Lanni and forwarded to him a message left with Caterina.

@torontomike haha :)— Arnold Lanni (@ArnoldLanni) September 22, 2014

It still blows my mind. An hour ago, I had never heard of Caterina and had never connected with Arnold Lanni (although I did own Nice Place to Visit on cassette). What an age we live in.

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