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Not Cynical, Just a Realist Trying to Paint that Shit Gold

Not Cynical, Just a Realist Trying to Paint That Shit Gold

I love sports, particularly rooting for the home team. I have a good friend who grew up near me in the Junction, and he's a die hard Bruins fan. I never understood that. I was born and raised in Toronto, so naturally I'm a die hard Leafs fan.

I don't think the Leafs are a very good team. I don't even think they'll make the playoffs next season, but I'll be tuned in hoping for the best.  Many positive thinkers would find this attitude cynical, but I consider myself a realist.

In my life, where I have a great deal more control, I always look at the worst case scenario and do what I can to prevent that. I've been this way all of my adult life, and it can seem cynical and pessimistic, but I don't see it that way. I'm just not wired to be all pie-in-the-sky. Hope, in my opinion, only works when you have no influence.

I know a few happy-go-lucky people who always think positive and plow through life with rose-coloured glasses and a stern belief everything is for the best. I think that's bullshit. When you have no control, you do the best with the cards you're dealt. You grab a paint brush and paint that shit gold. When you have some control, you do what you need to do. Hope has nothing to do with it.

Worst case scenario is you're bored senseless by this Saturday morning introspective post. I can handle that.

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