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Questions for Jason Agnew

Questions for Jason Agnew

Originally I was going to be interviewing Jeff Marek on my podcast this week, but Sportsnet needs him in studio so the Marek interview is postponed a week.  Instead, I will be sitting down later this week with Jason Agnew, host of The LAW: Live Audio Wrestling, Sunday Morning Trivia! on Newstalk 1010 and the new Tiny Talent Time. You might remember him from BITE TV's The Conventioneers but I'll always remember him as my brother's friend who ran an NHL playoff pool out of Bishop Allen Academy.

He'll be dropping by to record an episode of my podcast Toronto Mike'd, and I get an entire hour to ask him anything I want.


I know what questions I'll be asking him, but I'd love to know what you would ask him.  What questions would you like me to ask Jason Agnew?

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