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CBC's 2014 Olympic Coverage Was Fantastic

CBC's 2014 Olympic Coverage Was Fantastic

Following the 2012 Olympics in London, I wrote about how much I hated the CTV Olympics App.  My experience these past two weeks was completely different.  The CBC Olympics App was fantastic.

In fact, their complete coverage was top notch.  The app and website made it easy to access the schedule and stream events in real-time or on-demand, and it always worked.  I watched the hockey on the big screen but many of the other events streamed on my laptop.  It worked exactly as it should.

I also loved the fact they used the traditional Olympics theme music instead of that damn I Believe song.  The daily montages, called Fresh Tracks, were also excellent.  Here's one from Day 15.

Good job, CBC.  Your 2014 Olympics coverage was outstanding.

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