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All the Way With Stephanie Kaye!

All the Way With Stephanie Kaye!

At some point in my conversation with Jonathan Torrens, he mentioned Stephanie Kaye.  I immediately knew exactly who he was talking about, and exclaimed "All the way with Stephanie Kaye!"

Stephanie Kaye was a character heavily featured on the premiere of Degrassi Junior High back in 1987.  I know I was watching.  Here's the promo for the episode, as aired on CBC.

Stephanie Kaye was a very popular character, and one of my personal favourites.  She was played by Nicole Stoffman who left Degrassi for a CTV series starring Lyle Alzado called Learning the Ropes.  It was not a smart career move as Learning the Ropes only lasted one season.

Today, Nicole Stoffman is a popular jazz musician in Toronto.

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