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Fearless Fred in the Morning on 102.1 the Edge

When the Dean Blundell Show was suspended by Corus last month, I listed five possible outcomes.  Number two on that list, after keeping Dean Blundell, was handing Fearless Fred the keys without missing a beat.  With Fearless Fred taking over mornings on 102.1 starting Monday, it seems we're one step closer to that reality.

So I figure I will weigh in, as my inbox is getting fat. Yes. I'll be on mornings for 102.1 The Edge this Monday. No clue if it's permanent.— Fearless Fred (@Fearless_Fred) January 9, 2014

Fearless Fred seems like a nice enough guy and I wish him well, even though he really, really hates me.  As you'll hear below, that's on him.  I never hated Fearless Fred. Not even a little bit.

Congrats again, Fred.

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