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Memorial for Sue Trainor

Memorial for the Unknown Biker

On Wednesday, a cyclist was struck by a minivan and killed near my home.  She was 51-years old.  I couldn't find her name in any news reports about her death.

Although I feel terrible whenever someone loses their life in a traffic accident, this cyclist's death has affected me more than usual.  It's because of where it happened, on Lake Shore Boulevard by Dwight Avenue, just west of Royal York.  Since I moved into the neighbourhood a couple of weeks ago, I've ferociously biked this stretch of Lake Shore as it's part of the Waterfront Trail between First Avenue and Norris Crescent, the street that connects Lake Shore to the waterfront pathway.  I bike this stretch, my wife bikes this stretch, my kids bike this stretch, it's eerily familiar territory.

I may not know her name, but I wanted to stop at the spot where she died.  There's a small memorial there now, and I took photos.


Tonight I'll tip a glass for the unknown cyclist...

Update: Commenter Mel has shared some information in the comments about her good friend Sue Trainor.

The cyclist was my good friend and cycling companion Sue Trainor. Sue was an amazing spirit, a good friend, a mom, a wife and someone everyone liked. Her sudden passing has affected so many people both in and out of the cycling community. Sue will be missed by many, many people.
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