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A Word About Comments on This Blog

A Word About Comments on This Blog

Over seven years ago, when I moved this blog into Movable Type, I decided to open up comments to everybody.  That means absolutely anyone with an Internet connection can leave a comment, using their real name, a catchy handle or leaving the name field blank so it shows up as from "Anonymous".  I made that decision back then and I'm glad I did.  It's how I want to operate this blog.

When someone writes a comment about how our Premier is "manly", I don't delete it.  When someone writes a hateful comment about how marriage equality is wrong, I don't delete it. When someone writes a completely unrelated and redundant comment about his/her favourite sports team, I don't delete it.  I've decided to delete as few comments as possible.

Having said that, I will delete personal and malicious threats or attacks, particularly when they're directed at someone who doesn't work and live in the public eye.  I'll also protect those I love and care about.  A comment saying my nephew is ugly, for example, would get clipped pretty fast.  Telling me why Rob Ford's the best (or worst) mayor in the history of the world is fine, telling me my son is a shitty baseball player is not.  I hope everyone understands and appreciates the difference.

Sometimes comments will automatically be held for moderation.  This is an anti-spam algorithm at work, and it usually happens when you include multiple links.  If your comment is ever held for moderation, please let me know right away and I'll go in and publish it.  I'll even publish pro-Habs propaganda.

I love reading your comments, all 50261 of them, when you agree with me and when you don't.  I'd love to see more readers become commenters and I encourage creative and lively debates with an open mind.

Comment away!

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