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Bringing Meaning Back to the March Break

Bringing Meaning Back to the March Break

As a kid, the March Break was the best.  A whole week in the middle of winter without school? Score!

When you leave high school for University, as I did way back in '93, the March Break ceases to exist.  It's replaced by a spring break earlier in the year.  And once you start working full-time, you make your own breaks with the wonderful two weeks of vacation they give you that first year.  The March Break becomes a distant memory.

That's how it remained until my youngest child entered grade one and my ex-wife went back to working full-time.  That's when the March Break started to mean something again.  For the past three years, I've been taking the March Break off to hang with the kids, and I love it.

I'm March Breaking right now.  I slept in today, just enjoyed a great swim with the kids, and we're planning the rest of the week.  The March Break rules again!

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