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A Tale of Two Games: When We Tied the Heat

A Tale of Two Games: When We Tied the Heat

I was at the Heat game this afternoon.  It really was a tale of two games.

Early in the fourth quarter, after battling back, the Raptors managed to tie the Miami Heat.  The ACC went nuts.  Seriously, it felt like a playoff game.  The Raps were going to end Miami's winning streak at 21!

Ready for tipoff #raptors

Then, in what seemed like a blink of the eye, we were down by 20.  It all fell apart so quickly... Miami has now won 22 in a row.

We were at the game thanks to Dove Men+Care who wanted to demonstrate their Ultimate Gameday Change Table.  It was a souped-up change table for sporty dads.  There's a timer, emergency lullaby button and even rankings of the fastest changers.

2013-03-17 12.28.08
Just got a demo of Dove For Men's #ultimatechangetable and it's every father's dream

P.S. Amir Johnson rules. That is all.

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