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No More Stuff, Please


Our mega-consumer society has hit my last nerve.  The stuff we accumulate, particularly at this time of year, is enough to make me physically ill.

For a few years now, I've had a "no-buy, no-receive" policy that I adhere to. My friends and loved ones know not to buy me any stuff as I won't be buying them any stuff. Instead of exchanging goods neither of us want or need, we spread good cheer.  It's about breaking bread together, having good conversation and enjoying each other's company.

You still take care of the kids, Santa still comes, but nothing for me, thanks. If you want to get me something, you can donate a little coin to my Terry Fox run next fall, or help my good friends at Second Harvest. If you really want to do something nice, I do enjoy chocolate chip cookies and you're welcome to buy me tickets to see a band I like.

We've all got enough stuff, don't we?

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