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Longevity Runs in the Family (If You're Female)


My maternal grandmother turns 97 today.  She no longer recognizes me, nor knows where the heck she is, but she doesn't seem to be in pain and is still very much alive.

Meanwhile, my paternal grandmother recently turned 101.  She still has her wits about her.

When people find out my grandmothers are both still alive, they usually respond that I have good genes and should live a very long time.  That would be true, if I were female.

My grandfathers didn't fare nearly as well, although both lived an average length of time.  I think I'd be okay with average.

I laugh thinking about the three words I'm going to use to end this entry, because my 97 year old grandmother is completely unaware that the internet even exists, but here it goes... Happy birthday, grandma!

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