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Links to All 252 Humble and Fred Podcast Episodes

My Visit to Humble and Fred Radio

This past weekend, Humble and Fred had an issue with iTunes indexing their XML file.  While trouble shooting, I realized there's not really a convenient place outside of iTunes for someone to access all 252 unique episodes.

With the guys taking the week off, I thought it might be a good time to list links to the 252 episodes Humble and Fred have recorded over the past year and a bit.  Here they are:

iTunes is notoriously picky when it comes to updating from XML and if they don't like one character they simply won't update.  I've validated the XML to ensure it's clean and I've managed to get the last two episodes re-indexed, but iTunes seems to be choking on an XML containing all 252 episodes.  Now I'm wondering if we've hit an undisclosed cap...

While I figure that out, feel free to catch up on what you've missed this year.  And if you're into good podcasts, you might enjoy mine: Toronto Mike'd.

Congrats to Humble and Fred for hitting the big 250 on Thursday!  Enjoy the week off.

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