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Disney and Star Wars: Why It Doesn't Matter

Disney and Star Wars

Disney bought Star Wars, and some are upset.  There's fear the Star Wars franchise will become Disneyfied and Episode 7 will feature music by Miley Cirus and will star Justin Beiber as Luke Skywalker's son.


Fear not, my nerd readers.  This acquisition by Disney doesn't matter, in fact, it might help the franchise.


The second movie I ever saw in a theatre was Star Wars.  Back then, we just called it Star Wars.  There was no "A New Hope" tagged on the end, and we didn't know it was Episode 4.  It was just awesome.

In fact, the original trilogy was awesome.  I owned the box set on VHS and loved all three films.  Then, George Lucas directed a prequel triology.  The first two sucked.

Do you remember how bad they were?  I have a ten year old son, so I've seen The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones several times.  They're pretty bad... I'd throw Revenge of the Sith into this pile, but compared to the other two, it's actually pretty decent.  There are parts I actually enjoy!

So Disney can't do much worse with this franchised.  George Lucas himself already ruined it with Jar Jar Binks and the like.  If anything, Disney might give it The Avengers treatment, and put a decent director behind Episode 7.  Christopher Nolan would be perfect.

I'm glad Lucas is less involved now.  Relax, my nerd friends... it's not going to get any worse.

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