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Blue Jays Become Instant Contenders

Blue Jays Become Instant Contenders

I unplugged for a couple of hours to record a couple of podcasts this afternoon, and when I finally checked my phone I had messages from family and friends about the Toronto Blue Jays.

Jays excitement in November? What the hell did I miss?  Plenty, it seems.

Coming to Toronto from Miami in a mega 12-player trade are starters Josh Johnson and Mark Buehrle, shortstop Jose Reyes, catcher John Buck and speedster Emilio Bonifacio.  Sure, we had to give up a couple of prospects, but also Yunel Escobar, who I wanted gone anyway.  Talent-wise, the Jays are a much improved team following this one-sided trade.

That makes us instant contenders, right?  Well, maybe. We still have the Yankees and Rays in our division, and the Orioles proved themselves last year.  Oh... and the Red Sox might spend their way back lickety split.

But for now, there's hope.  This city deserves a winning team and desperately needs one.  The Raptors won't make the playoffs and the Leafs aren't even playing, but it'll be nice to have our Jays back.

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