A Part Of Our Heritage Vignettes

A Part Of Our Heritage VignettesIn the 1990s, we learnt a great deal about Canadian history from the A Part Of Our Heritage vignettes that played on television during commercial breaks. Where else was I going to learn to ask aloud "burnt toast, Dr. Penfield?"

Here are a couple of my other favourites.... First, there's the story of our flag:

Then, there's the story of how Canada got its name. This one cracks me up:

Which is your favourite "A Part Of Our Heritage" vignette?

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Ummmm Burnt Toast is number one. Closely followed by Laura Secord, Women in Medicine, Signal Hill NFLD, and the Irish Orphans.

But definitely Burnt Toast. I finally have a couple of Canadians that I work with here in Alaska that I can pull the "I smell burnt toast" joke with.... until a few months ago, no one had a clue what I was talking about :S

October 2, 2012 @ 3:09 AM

Mississauga Phil

What about the comedy networks "Sacralige Moments"....those were freaking funny!!

October 2, 2012 @ 8:20 AM

Blind Dave

I'd have to go through the list to decide on a favourite, but I don't have time at the moment. Thanks for the reminder on these. I had indeed forgotten, and they are wonderful vignettes!

October 2, 2012 @ 8:53 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

Underground Railroad:

Juno Beach:

Veteran's Shelter:

Baffin Island:


Maple Syrup:

Mona Parsons:

Joseph Casavant:

John Cabot:


Jean Nicollet:

The Congo Civil War:

John Humphrey:

Joseph Armand-Bombardier:

Marion Orr:

Maurice Ruddick:

Myrnam Hospital:

Orphans (Irish Names):

Winnie the Pooh:

The Meeting of the School Trustees:


Louis Joseph Papineau:

Great Depression:

Baldwin and LaFontaine:


Flanders Field:

Women in Medicine:

Sam Steele:


Paul Émile Borduas:

Marshall Mcluhan:

Avro Arrow:

Montreal Expo '67:

Jacques Plante:

Standard Time:

Laura Secord:

Halifax Explosion:

Nellie McClung:

Saguenay River:

Signal Hill, NFLD:


Dr. Wilder Penfield:

Pauline Vanier:

Valour Road:

Étienne Parent:

Osborn in Hong Kong:

October 2, 2012 @ 9:57 AM


Jean Nicollet

I shall greet them wearing this!

October 3, 2012 @ 8:46 PM

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