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Toronto Radio DJs: Where Are They Now?

toronto radio: where are they now?

I got an email from a reader wondering where former CFNY personalities were now.  I pointed him to The Spirit of Radio Fan Page, but he deemed that too out of date.

So I asked him for his list and I promised to take a crack at it myself and open it up to all of you to help me fill in the cracks.

Where are these former Toronto radio folks today?

  • Maie Pauts
  • Kneale Mann
  • Kim Hughes
  • Brother Bill
  • Pete Fowler
  • Visjna
  • Alan Cross
  • Humble and Fred
  • DJ Dingra
  • Producer of Live in Toronto, Chris Pack
  • John Jones - Music Director
  • Marla West
  • Mary Ellen Benninger

Here's the ones I know:

  • Maie Pauts - currently on Boom 97.3 (hear my chat with her here)
  • Kneale Mann - met him recently, currently consulting
  • Kim Hughes - heard her on CBC Radio One recently, not sure what she's currently doing
  • Brother Bill - changed his name back to Neil Morrison, was on 99.3 The FOX in Vancouver
  • Pete Fowler - OPP officer (hear my chat with him here)
  • Visjna - not sure
  • Alan Cross - currently hosting The Secret History of Rock on Astral stations
  • Humble and Fred - podcasting daily at
  • DJ Dingra - not sure
  • Producer of Live in Toronto, Chris Pack - not sure
  • John Jones - Music Director - not sure
  • Marla West - not sure
  • Mary Ellen Benninger - currently doing news at CHFI and 680News

Leave a comment letting me know about the rest or if I got something wrong.

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