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Vondelpark in Amsterdam

Vondelpark in Amsterdam

I've made a few trips to Vondelpark in Amsterdam, a beautiful public park in the west end.  As one who has spent a lot of time in Toronto's High Park, I naturally compare the Vondelpark to High Park, and they're quite similar in appearance and vibe.

One thing Vondelpark has that High Park doesn't is totally exposed urinals for men.  They're throughout the park, and people use them.  That's something you don't see in Toronto.

2012-08-10 13.28.04

The Vondelpark also has better water fountains.  These fountains are clean and high enough that people fill their water bottles up with them.  I'd love to see these in High Park.

2012-08-10 13.36.48

Another difference between the Vondelpark and High Park is that people openly drink beer and smoke weed in Vondelpark without fear of harassment from police.  It's a total 'live and let live' philosophy.

Here are some more shots I took of Vondelpark in Amsterdam on this sunny 22° day.  The last two pics were taken earlier in the week.

2012-08-10 13.22.04
2012-08-10 13.24.53
2012-08-10 13.25.20
2012-08-10 13.42.50
2012-08-07 15.39.07
2012-08-07 15.35.43
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