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The Red Light District

The Red Light District

Tell someone you're going to Amsterdam and they inevitably bring up two things: weed and the Red Light District.  I paid a couple of visits to the Red Light District, not to participate but just to see what it was all about.

One of the main streets was under construction, but I think I got the gyst.

2012-08-10 16.18.45

Establishments galore promised "live fucking" and assorted pornographic and prostitution offerings, and when you walk the narrow alleys connecting the main streets, women in windows with red curtains are openly advertising their wares and attempting to make you an offer you can't refuse.  I refused, continuing my life-long streak of never having paid for it.

Here are a few pics I took.  All in all, the Red Light District is rather underwhelming, but you can't visit Amsterdam without checking it out.

2012-08-07 14.33.25
2012-08-07 14.34.25
2012-08-07 14.34.30
2012-08-07 14.35.15
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