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Seeing Two of My Favourite Artists in Concert

Seeing Two of My Favourite Artists in Concert

I keep seeing Pearl Jam and The Tragically Hip in concert.  I keep seeing them because I love both acts so much, and their live performances never cease to amaze me.  They might just be my two favourite bands of all time.

There are bands I'd love to see, but can't. First on that list is Nirvana.  I missed Nirvana, and I regret it.

But there are acts I've admired for decades, but for whatever reason, have never seen live, despite the fact they're still touring.  In 2012, I'll erase two of the primary artists from this list: Public Enemy and Neil Young.

I love Public Enemy.  I've loved them since the 80s, and still listen to Public Enemy every time I bike.  On Sunday night, I'll finally see Public Enemy live.  Better late than never...


Neil Young is my favourite solo artist and I've been loving his music since discovering it in high school.  I'll finally see him in November and I can't wait.

What are some musical acts you've never seen live but wish you had?  Feel free to list acts that have retired or passed away, as well as acts that are still active.

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