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Then There Were Two: Toronto and St. Louis

Toronto and St. Louis

The Los Angeles Kings are Stanley Cup champions for the first time, and then there were two.  12 teams started the 1967-68 NHL season, nine have won the Stanley Cup since, one has folded and for two, the drought continues.

For the record, here are the 12 teams from 1967-68:

  • Montreal Canadiens - Last won in 1993
  • New York Rangers - Last won in 1994
  • Boston Bruins - Last won in 2011
  • Chicago Black Hawks (Now Blackhawks) - Last won in 2010
  • Toronto Maple Leafs - Still waiting...
  • Detroit Red Wings - Last won in 2008
  • Philadelphia Flyers - Last won in 1975
  • Los Angeles Kings - Won in 2012
  • St. Louis Blues - Still waiting...
  • Minnesota North Stars (Now Dallas Stars) - Won in 1999
  • Pittsburgh Penguins - Last won in 2009
  • Oakland Seals (Long Defunct)

Damn, it was depressing writing that list.  The Blues finished last season with 109 points, good for 2nd overall.  Do you think they're a little closer to the cup than our Leafs?  The Leafs had 80 points, good for 13th.... IN THE CONFERENCE.

Congratulations Kings fans... I know how you feel.  Back 2 Back in '92/'93!

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