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My Phone Notification Settings - What Are Yours?


People definitely have personal preferences when it comes to mobile phone notification settings.  We'll start with my preferences, then we'll get to you.

These settings are currently applied to my Samsung GALAXY S II, but it was pretty much the same when I had a BlackBerry.  I'm going to ignore settings for Twitter, Facebook and other apps and stick with the big 3.

Phone Calls: Frequent callers have a custom ringtone.  Non-frequent callers get the default ringtone (currently grabbed from a Beastie Boys tune), and everybody vibrates.

Text Messages: Both sound and vibration.

Email: Nothing.  I get far too many emails to be bothered with an audio or vibration alert, although I'm not yet at 1000 emails a day.

Ok, your turn.  How are you notified of phone calls, text messages and emails?

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