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Gay-Straight Alliance

Gay-Straight Alliance


This recent news story about Cardinal Thomas Collins taking exception to the McGuinty government's amendment to its anti-bullying legislation preventing Catholic school boards from vetoing the club name Gay-Straight Alliance, pisses me off.  If an anti-homophobia group wants to call itself Gay-Straight Alliance, so be it.  Unfortunately, the Catholic church regards homosexuality as a sin, and the name "gay" in a Catholic school group's name is something they fear.

At this point I should fully disclose that my mom worked her entire career as a teacher in the Catholic school board and I attended Catholic schools through high school. My kids, however, are in the public system.  The archaic rhetoric spewing from the church in 2012 is shameful and I can't believe this separate school system gets $7 billion a year in public funding.

Can we please stop funding institutionalized hate?

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