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Calling Bullshit on Meridith Valiando's 1000 Emails a Day

Meridith Valiando's 1000 Emails a Day

I've been watching a lot of playoff hockey lately, and that means I've seen the Meridith Valiando DigiTour Blackberry Bold ad about one million times.

Of course, I haven't seen it a million times.  I'm exaggerating.  And that must be what Meridith Valiando is doing in the ad.  She claims she's replying to 1000 emails a day on her Blackberry.

I'm calling bullshit on that claim.  She's not writing 1000 emails a day on her phone.  Do the math...

And here's a fun fact about social media ninja Meridith Valiando courtesy of Down Goes Brown.  She only has about 400 followers on Twitter.  Okay, I just checked... the one million times her Blackberry ad has aired has got her to 621 followers, but it's still incredibly underwhelming considering her claims.

Oh... and that voice saying "Be Bold" at the end?  That's definitely Lt. Cedric Daniels from The Wire.

And finally, let me just say my move from Blackberry to the Samsung Galaxy S II running Android has been fantastic.  It's as if a light's been turned on and I've been given the gift of true mobility.  But then again, I'm not writing 1000 emails a day.

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