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FashionTelevision: 1987 - 2012

FashionTelevision: 1987 - 2012

On weekends, flipping stations as a kid, I'd hear Animotion's Obsession on CityTV.  Here's the tune, in case you've forgotten the 1984 / 1985 hit.

The opening of that song meant one thing and one thing only.  Jeanne Beker's Fashion Television was on the air.

Now, I'm not going to lie... I'd often watch a bit of FT in the late 80s because it was the only weekend afternoon program that featured breasts.  Where else would a 12 year old kid see boobies on basic cable at 1pm?

Jeanne Beker just tweeted that Fashion Television has closed up shop after 27 years on the air.  That's a long time for any program, and I thought it was worth mentioning.  Thanks, Jeanne, for the mammaries.

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