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Goon Poster Offends and I'm Surprised

goon poster

Toronto has removed 38 posters for the hockey comedy Goon, deeming them as inappropriate, according to Alliance Films.

Here's the controversial poster. It's a guy sticking his tongue out between his V fingers to make the international sign for cunnilingus.


It wouldn't surprise me one bit to learn this poster was banned in the USA.  They still go nuts when someone flips the bird on television, so there's no way they'd be cool with this down south, but this is Canada.  In Canada, you can see nudity on CBC at 8pm.  In Canada, we're okay with such harmless acts as a one-finger salute or the cunnilingus sign.  At least that's what I thought.

I mean, really... if my kids saw this poster, they'd just see a guy sticking out his tongue.  For those of us who know better, we just snicker... maybe giggle a bit.  Or maybe it's so pedestrian and mainstream, we don't react at all.

It turns out we're a little more uptight about such things than I thought.  In Canada, you say?  Pity.

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