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Kids Like Shite and That's Okay


My buddy Pete was tweeting tonight about an 8-year old he caught singing "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5.


I asked Pete what bugged him so much about what he witnessed, and he said it was that she was singing a shite song.  I agree with Pete, Moves Like Jagger is a shite song, in fact, it's one of the worst songs I heard in 2011, but Pete and I aren't 8-years old.  I remember being 8-years old, and I have both a 9-year old and a 7-year old, so I can state with some authority that kids like shite.

At that age, I was really into Duran Duran.  Top 40 pop was my genre of choice.  It was mostly crap, but I outgrew it.  A few years later I discovered the Sex Pistols and the rest is history.

My kids seem to like Katy Perry and Usher and even the horrible Black Eyed Peas but they're kids, and kids like shite.  This too shall pass.

What shite did you enjoy when you were a kid?

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